Laboratory eye washers

Whether in schools or hospitals, laboratories are needed, and safety issues are of greater importance and concern. Emergency measures are especially important when chemicals are accidentally sprayed on the body or eyes. Laboratory eyewash is also an essential security equipment. Since it is an important safety equipment, the configuration of laboratory eyewash should also be strictly checked.

Laboratory eyewash is generally made of stainless steel seamless steel pipe, and then check the laboratory is chloride and other harmful chemicals. If the chemical corrosion is large, the outer surface of the eyewash should be soaked with ABS or high-performance treatment, so that the laboratory eyewash is more corrosion resistant and the service life of the eyewash is extended. Laboratory eye washer can be used to clean face, glasses, neck, arms, etc. If you want to wash the whole body of the eye washer, you can choose a compound eye washer, cleaning more thoroughly.

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Post time: Jan-23-2021